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Exercise Sport Science

Exercise & Sports SCIENCE

STRENGTH & Conditioning


Specialized program tailored to your goals at your fingertips.

online personal training

Designed for your...


whatever they happen to be, our individualised process will effectively and efficiently put you on the right path

Sports specific fitness needs

whether you’re a tennis star, training for an OCR, upcoming football player, a sprint athlete, or an everyday weekend warrior

Equipment availability

programs customized to wherever you are whether it’s your home, at a gym, or on the field or track


whether you’re a busy bee, need to fit in your sport specific training, or need a phased approach that aligns with your on and off season


tailored to your movement patterns, range of motion, training age, technical abilities, prehab or rehab needs, or niggles/injuries

Support needs

high or low coaching contact with technical feedback, program adjustments, or accountability reminders

online remote exercise coaching

Take your coach with you

Personalised Exercise & Sports Science + Strength & Conditioning coaching delivered remotely via a mobile app allowing you to achieve your goals and be supported during the process. Programs are backed by science and customised to your needs, whether you are a professional, elite youth, or everyday athlete. During your program, your coach will be monitoring your progress and providing feedback. You can upload videos, chat to the coach, and let your coach know how you are going with training readiness and post session reporting.

Lets work together

questions? ready to start? contact us

Remote coaching is only available to a small number of clients at any time.


In Person and Online Training

Remote Coaching not your style? If you live on the Gold Coast, Qld in person training is available at our studio located in Southport. Or start strength training with our online fitness programs.

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