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STRENGTH & Conditioning

Evidenced-based training programs for you.

Zenith Humans online training programs are delivered via a mobile app packed full of features including

All accessible from your smart device, anytime.

online fitness program

Designed as an introductory program for individuals new to resistance training or have been away from strength training for 6 – 12 months. 3 resistance sessions per week to promote strength along with 2 light cardio sessions per week to improve recovery. Mobility and flexibility included to improve movement capacity.

Designed to increase full-body strength and prep your body for advanced maximal strength training. 3 strength sessions per week along with cardio sessions. Mobility and flexibility exercises included in each session. Suitable for individuals who have been strength training for 6 months consistently.

Designed to improve 1 RM for core lifts with a selection of advanced and complex exercises. 4 strength sessions per week with a 3 RM day + cardio sessions. Mobility and flexibility exercises each session. Suitable for individuals with 6 – 12 month history of intermediate strength training.


In Person and Remote Coaching

Want a more individualized approach to training? If you live on the Gold Coast, Qld in person training is available at our studio located in Southport. Or contact us to get started with personalised Remote Coaching.

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