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Exercise & Sports SCIENCE

STRENGTH & Conditioning

Enhance your performance.

sprint faster, jump higher, get stronger, perform better

We are for you if you are looking to reach your potential with exercise and sports science protocols, advanced strength and conditioning, specific testing and interventions for sport or competitions (e.g. tennis, OCR), and adopt optimal training practices. 

In Person Training Gold Coast

Because you are one of a kind.

The fact is, highly individualised exercise prescription is more effective than generalised exercise prescription practices. Customisation allows for individual strengths and weaknesses to be targeted and sport specific interventions to be prescribed to improve performance and crush the competition. Everyone benefits from individualised prescription whether you are training for international level tennis matches, local OCR, ADF enlistment, life in general, or a zombie attack. You are physiologically and psychologically unique; so why train the same as everyone else?


Accredited Exercise and Sport Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, PhD candidate in human movement with 15+ years of industry experience. Trusted by professional tennis, swimming, and field sport athletes. Specializing in force-velocity-power profiling, velocity based training, and sport specific testing.


Ready to Commit, Overcome, Achieve? But don't feel like exercising, want to sleep a bit longer, or some other excuse? Having a professional coach by your side keeps you turning up and importantly, doing the work. Expect to be no-rep'ed during your session if you are slacking off and reminded of your responsibility to your goals.


Effective and efficient programs tailored to each individual based on expert knowledge and client factors such as goals and training age. Expect realistic goal setting, progress monitoring and exercise testing, exercise instruction, growth mindset development, and support. Because one size does not fit all.

The Process


Initial Consultation

For assessment including health questionniares and training history, and establishing your needs and wants.


program development

Informed from the initial consultation and programed by the coach. Updated as you progress.



1:1 sessions in our studio gym focusing on the process to improve your performance and outcomes.

Ready to be your fastest, strongest, best?


Remote Coaching and Online Programs

online personal strength conditioning training

Can’t see us in person but still want a personalised training program? Then Remote Coaching is for you. Otherwise, check out our Online Training program, Strong and Stronger, catering for novice, intermediate, and advanced levels of training.

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