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Andrew Martin is accredited as an Exercise Scientist and Sports Scientist with ESSA and accredited as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with ASCA.

In addition to various fitness qualifications, he has completed a Bachelor in Exercise Science, a research Masters  in Human Movement, and is currently completing a PhD in Human Movement Science.

He has over 20 years of experience with coaching, having started with tennis coaching at 16 years. Andrew has worked in various group and individual fitness training roles for clients such as Australian Defence Force personnel during his service in the RAAF, sporting teams including Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Titans, professional and elite youth tennis players, Swimming Australia’s categorised and olympic swimmers, weekend warriors enjoying OCR’s, and general populations.

In his off time, you’ll find him practicing what he preaches with exercise, fishing, hiking, being dragged along to go swimming by his partner, or sleeping.

Specializing In


velocity based training

sport specific testing & monitoring

Andrew has developed specialist skill sets for individualising exercise prescription for athletic and general populations from  experience as well as his research studies where he and colleagues assessed the physiological influence of skeletal muscle upon sprinting and jumping performance. From directly analysing the results of muscle fibre type testing against specific jumping and sprint testing outcomes during his Master’s project, Andrew garnered a strong appreciation for what matters most and when, to maximise the likelihood of an individual’s best athletic performance. From this research, Andrew now applies a highly critical process to his interpretation of existing literature and the methodological process by which athletes are tested and trained for their sport. Importantly, these skill sets are applied with the practicality and purpose of a competitor and sportsman who has lived in the shoes of an athlete and soldier, and now tried and tested across numerous sports.

The objective of this type of training is to improve rate of force and power production as well as both mean and peak power output specific to the demands of the sport. This type of training is individualised to every athlete and increases athleticism to provide a competitive edge that all athletes are seeking, whilst decreasing fatigue and injury risk that can otherwise coincide with less optimal training protocols.

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